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RE*EDI - The RSG EDI System

Gives users of the RSG Reinsurance System the ability to process and update raw EDI messages from various brokers into the system.

RSG*SQL - The RSG Data Warehouse Generator

Redefines the RSG Reinsurance System’s multi-dimensional data into two-dimensional non-normalized SQL tables The application extracts and loads the data into a SQL-Server database.    


A state of the art Reinsurance/Insurance accrual system that can interface to your current reinsurance and ledger systems.


RSG’s Statistical Analysis and Reporting tool is designed to leverage your SQL data warehouse data.  

RSG*RE - The RSG Treaty and Facultative Reinsurance System

The world’s leading reinsurance system for assuming reinsurers. This flexible and easy-to-use system with low conversion and maintenance costs is complete from underwriting to retrocessions.  

RSG*Ceded - The RSG Ceded System

Its flexible design allows the full-featured Treaty and Facultative reinsurance modules to be adapted to any primary insurance system and automatically perform ceded calculations.


RSG’s Visual Basic/SQL multi-tier Treaty Reinsurance System. Based on the functionality and data structures of our standard system and developed to run in a state-of-the-art multi-tier environment.

ROBIS - The RSG Intermediary System

With the ability to run on a range of computers, from personal to mainframe, this exciting software package offers a reinsurance broker of any size an extremely efficient yet complete on-line environment.


Since 1984 RSG has become a leading supplier of insurance and reinsurance software products.