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Our Mission

RSG will provide quality software products and services to the insurance industry. We will work in an efficient, timely and economical manner, keeping the goals of our clients high, striving to achieve the desired results.

Our History

RSG was formed in 1984 by a small group of reinsurance computer consultants to take advantage of the micro/personal computer revolution and the emerging modern database environments debuting at the time. We felt that the new efficient database management systems could couple with the improved processing speed of the microcomputers to provide unprecedented cost/benefit solutions for the reinsurance industry.Developed in conjunction with major reinsurance companies, the new RSG Reinsurance System was the first micro and mini based system developed, that could be run without any IT resources. Many of our small and medium sized reinsurers have used the system for decades without a single IT resource. For our larger installations, staff sizes were dramatically reduced from the traditional staffing model. The advent of networked systems has added even more strength to our design.Our initial offering covered Treaty processing only. We then added Retrocessional processing and then Property and Casualty Facultative. In conjunction with a major international Reinsurance Broker, RSG also developed the RSG Intermediary System. RSG has also done custom work for Life Reinsurance and Ceded Reinsurance companies. RSG was the first (and still is) the only true online entry and processing reinsurance system in the market place. The RSG System is the industry’s easiest reinsurance system to modify and expand. It has allowed our clients to mold the system to their needs in a cost efficient and rapid manner.  Our low overhead costs, low purchase price, unprecedented online processing, ease of use, expert and experienced staff and our dedication to our customers’ success allowed RSG to install over 60 systems worldwide since 1984. RSG has a 100% installation success rate with the majority of the systems coming in under budget.RSG’s System is installed all over the world - from Canada to Bermuda, and from London to Singapore.RSG’s main office is located near New York City in River Edge, NJ, allowing us easy access to downtown Manhattan, New Jersey and Connecticut. We maintain small branch offices in Florida (to support our Bermuda customers) and Europe.Our long term view of our business has allowed us to prosper for over 25 years. We have seen many competitors come and go leaving dozens of reinsurers without support. RSG believes that every customer is a true business partner and that their success is our success.