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The ACCRUSYS Reinsurance Accrual System is a state of the art Visual Basic Reinsurance/Insurance accrual system, which can interface with your current reinsurance and ledger system.

RE Systems Group's Accrusys management solution  allows insurance and reinsurance companies to calculate and  manage all of  their Accruals  processing.

Importing the data from your system, the accruals are calculated, edited, reviewed and exported to the target system.  

This solution saves you time and money as the Accrual process becomes fully automated in a centralized database.

The calculations are customized to reflect the nature of the client’s business requirements and therefore reduce the complexity by standardizing the business processes. Calculations include

The technology uses state of the art N-tier architecture and is available in a client server version or as a web application.

This product represents over twenty years of RSG's experience in the insurance and reinsurance marketplace.