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The RSG Reinsurance system database is offloaded every night, reformatted for SQL Server, and uploaded into a new database with the exact information in total from the RSG Reinsurance system that existed at the close of business.

Typically, clients who have RSGSQL use the product as an intermediate step prior to integration with other corporate databases in a Data Warehouse. The RSG™ data is extracted from SQL with readily available tools and inserted into Oracle, Business Objects and other analysis systems.

RSGSQL includes the entire RSG Reinsurance database in an “Un-Normalized “ Reporting format.

The over-night full database update required to off-load the data from RSG and to populate the SQL database may be optionally replaced with an immediate-update capability.

Data in the new SQL database can be accessed easily via Microsoft Excel.

RSGSQL redefines the RSG Reinsurance System’s multi-dimensional data into two-dimensional non-normalized SQL tables. The application extracts and loads the data into a SQL-Server database.

RSG*SQL - The RSG Data Warehouse Generator