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ROBIS’s features include:

Placement Support

ROBIS provides full interactive contract definition and market processing support including market status tracking.

Premium Processing

Includes interactive billing, automatic installment generation from underwriting abstracts, automated reinsurer calculation, and flexible override capability.

Account Processing

Provides comprehensive proportional treaty account entry with interactive editing, and automated reinsurer processing with easy to use verification and override features.


Features include comprehensive claim abstracts and automated multi-layer transaction processing.

Cash Application

Interactive, fully automated ceding company and reinsurer allocations, fiduciary cash management, and flexible statement preparation.

ROBIS - The RSG Intermediary System

ROBIS was developed in conjunction with a leading international intermediary to automate the market/production areas and back office. Based on our extensive experience in the reinsurance industry, RSG produced the most sophisticated yet easy to use software solution for the reinsurance intermediary. With the ability to run on a range of computers, from personal to mainframe, this exciting software package offers a complete solution with an extremely efficient environment.

The system is low cost, easy to maintain and modify, well documented, able to run on multiple platforms, and the source code is provided with the license.