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Developed in conjunction with several RSG clients to save time, money, and improve the accuracy of the data reported to the companies, RE*EDI gives users of the RSG Reinsurance System the ability to process and update raw EDI messages from various brokers into the system.

The system is provided at a low cost to the existing clients of the RSG Reinsurance System. The Source code is also included with the license.

Its features include:


It has the ability to process raw EDI messages in varying formats. All the formats are user defined (or parameter driven) and can be specified by trading partner and message type.


Processes multiple transactions and message types within one EDI transmission. It can also handle multiple contracts, underwriting years, accident years, and currencies within a single EDI transmission.

Update of System

Processing of these messages can be handled as a fully automated process, a mixed manual and automated process or as a completely manual process.  Current users of RE*EDI handle processing of messages from London’s Xchanging through a fully automated process. Users have a fully integrated module that allows EDI information to be processed. This process is compatible with all RSG versions and works whether there is one company or many companies within the same system.

RE*EDI - The RSG EDI System