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D3® is the choice of more than a thousand application developers worldwide serving top industries including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, government, retail and a large array of other vertical markets. D3® helps developers meet ever-changing business needs by providing the ability to rapidly build critical business applications in a fraction of the time as compared to other database environments.

Rocket Software's D3® database management system offers enterprise-level scalability and flexibility to support dynamic growth. Built on the Pick Universal Data Model (UDM), D3® is simplistic in its structure but allows for complex definitions of data structures and program logic. The underlying D3® data structure provides software developers all the tools to rapidly develop and customize applications without compromising data integrity.

D3® runs on popular operating platforms including Windows, AIX and Linux. Data and applications are fully portable from one environment to another.

Rocket Software® and RSG are fully committed to protecting their client community and user base. Software that was written 25 years ago still works on current platforms with little or no  modification. This eliminates the required “re-write” to keep software current and the associated cost of redevelopment.

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